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I Don't Want It, I Just Need It....

Warning: This is basically going to be an entry about nothing....but I'm bored and need something to do.

  • I have a deep and unyielding love for Mountain Dew. Some would call it an addiction. Whatever, potato, po...tato? Hmmm, I guess comparing two different ways to say the same word doesn't work too well in print. Anyways, its not my fault. I can still remember the notorious day all those years ago, when in my formative and impressionable youth, my sister (who shall remain nameless, to protect the guilty) offered me my first Dew. Ever since then it has been there by my side, reassuring me while also providing me with a truncated case of ADHD. A while back a friend of mine told me that they didn't have Mtn Dew in New Zealand. I laughed off the simple, nonetheless alarmingly disconcerting, remark and life continued on. After I had arrived in Auckland and began to walk around the city, I noticed that every restaurant, cornerstore, and street-side vendor did, in fact, only carry Coca Cola products. I had begun to think that my friend was not just trying to slip a hurtful barb disguised as a seemingly innocuous remark in my direction, but was indeed telling the truth. To tell the truth, I was beginning to worry that I would have to quit the Dew 'cold turkey'. However, after four days of exploring the city, I wandered into a tiny little street shop about half the size of my college dorm room and what did I find? Copious amounts of Coca Cola products. I would venture to say there was a plethora of Coca Cola products in the shop. But in a little tiny corner of the cooler, way down on the bottom and pushed to the back were three 1.5 litre bottles of liquid gold. I quickly purchased one and told the clerk that this is the first time I had found any Mtn. Dew since my arrival earlier in the week and I was starting to get worried that it was not sold in New Zealand. He must have noticed my death-grip on the bottle because he asked what land I was from where the Mtn Dew flowed like soda pop. After I told him the U.S., his only response was an 'ohhhh' that was accompanied by a look on his face that said, 'of course'. I have since been back to that store each day since to purchase my daily dosage of 'The Dew'. And every time I walk in the clerk greets me with a massive smile. I can tell that in his head he is thinking of how glad he is someone is finally buying that swill. No luck yet on finding any PBR, but I'll, of course, continue the search.
  • The locals around town seem nice enough. Although, whenever I've mentioned that I got into town the day before this massive run of bad weather commenced, they look at me weird and tell me that it must be my fault the worst storm to hit New Zealand in 20 years has picked now to show up. I'm sure they're joking though....well, pretty sure.
  • I was able to join a gym on a free 3 day guest membership. The girl that was giving me the guest membership options stated that the $70 (NZ) two week plan was the shortest they had. But after giving her my sob story of being in town for only a few days (and batting the baby blues) she relented and said she didn't see why I couldn't just try the facilities free of charge for a few days. I'm well aware of the fact that she probably would have done that for literally any person that walked through the door and gave her the same circumstances, but I'll chalk this one up to the baby blues anyways. So, I've been passing the time until the bus tour around both islands starts on Monday by walking around the city and working out a couple hours a day. One thing I've notice about walking: Most New Zealanders usually try to walk on the left side of the sidewalk. Which makes sense since they drive on the left side of the road. I started out the week by walking on the right side of the sidewalk while I was wandering around, busy looking at my surroundings and almost ran into quite a few people, causing a few awkward moments along the way.

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Eventually you know you are going to go without. I hope you can find a local substitute. Can you post pictures on your blog?

by Jeff Dahl

You must be bored..., and what's with all the big words? I had look several of them up in the dictionary! LOL! So besides walking, dewing, and working out... what else?

by Dan

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