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Auckland, NZ

Ok, I've made it to Auckland. Finally. That plane ride was not my idea of fun. 13 hour flight and I slept a grand total of 1 hour. Had a long sleep last night so I' all rested up and ready to go today, but the weather isn't that ready anymore. Highs of 59F and winds of 30-40 mph for the next 3 days are being forcasted. I'm planning on just hanging around Auckland the next 4 or 5 days and then hopping on a NZ bus tour that takes backpackers around the North and South islands, stopping at all the sites along the way. So pretty much I'm thinking I won't have any new blog entries for about a week or so. The tour is supposed to take about a 25 days, but you can hop off and stay longer in certain towns then bet back on the next bus that comes through so I'm thinking it'll be at least a month-long tour. Now, what to do in Auckland for a few days??

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This is not a good start......

I think most people would agree that having a plan of action when starting a new endeavor is a good thing. Sure, there are those people that are at their best when blindly diving into a new experience and letitng the chips fall where they may, so to speak. I usually fall in the 'planner' category, myself. By making the decision to go on this world tour many months ago I was able to devote a lot of time to planning out where I wanted to go and what to bring with me. Perhaps I've had too much time to plan. After I strolled up to the check-in counter at LAX the ticket agent informed me that I need to have a round-trip ticket to New Zealand, not just the one-way ticket that I had purchased. I had read about making sure you have a round trip ticket when visiting certain countries to gain entry, I just didn't realize that this was a necessity in order to gain entry to New Zealand. I don't know, maybe its a necessity for entrance into every country. Anyways, I had to purchase a return ticket (that I probably won't use) for twice the amount of my original one-way ticket. Ouch. That one hurt a bit. It seems like ever since my gainful employment, was terminated I've been spending a ton of money. Funny how that works. Well, lesson learned. I'm sure I'll learn a few more traveling lessons along the way, but hopefully they all won't be so expensive. Ok.....i'm on my way. Next entry will be from New Zealand, hopefully.

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Coming soon....

Location: Montana

Ok, everyone I know I've had the blog set up for awhile without actually writing anything, but my first entry is coming soon. I'll try to have something written by 9/18/10 before I fly to New Zealand.

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